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Ernie Sulpizio September 26, 2016


Joey and Eric have soothing energy and wonderful massage skills. I have severe arthritis in my neck and Eric was a God send at helping me manage my pain with weekly massage. I have recently relocated to Santa Fe NM and miss his therapeutic treatments! 5 STARS!

Ryan Spicuzzo  July 27, 2016


Amazing massage therapists! Joey and Eric deliver a service which is second to none. They have both helped me tremendously over the years. Massage therapy is an essential part of my wellness strategy and they know just how to provide the all the benefits in a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Thank you guys so much. Try them out and you'll never switch massage therapists again!

Chad Abrhams  June 29, 2016

After having massages weekly for at least the last thirty some odd years from some of the top places and people in this field ,with my weekly schedule of work and from running up the subway stairs of NYC to the tennis courts in Florida Joey from Positive Embrace has been my Dr. Of Choice for the last several years. He has a gift of knowing how your body works and what it needs to keep it finely tuned. I would recommend him to anyone without any hesitation.

Scott Boyce  June 4, 2016


Pure joy, simple elegance, nurturing pleasure, abundant education and professionalism! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Barrie Byron June 3, 2016

Amazing experience available here at Positive Embrace Massage Therapy. I have been a client for many years when Positive Embrace Massage Therapy started as a therapeutic mobile massage therapy service in 2009. Now a storefront location in Lake Worth, their services are available in a serene therapeutic setting. I absolutely count on my treatments as part of my wellness plan, and am so happy to have a commercial location available for when my home is too full of people or pets to enjoy my massage. In addition to top notch massage, Positive Embrace offers body treatments for that spa experience. Hooray for business growth and much gratitude for Positive Embrace.

Molly Stevenson  November 2014

"My name is Molly, I am 65 years old, and am extremely physically active. I, also have been plagued with osteoarthritis for half of my life. As a result, I have been getting massages weekly, for many years, in order to keep doing what I do. Therefore, I consider myself somewhat of an aficionado of massage technique. Joey, from Positive Embrace Massage Therapy is so incredibly varied in his style, that it is like having a different person working on you every week! His deep tissue work is truly amazing, and so is he, as a human being. So happy to have him in my life"

Beth & Fran May 2014

We have been enjoying the services of Joey and Eric for awhile and wouldn't give them up for the world. They are professional, honest, very reliable and most importantly the best messieurs yet. They are always on time and never look to cut your time short. We look forward to our weekly treat. They are the best.

Barrie Byron March 2014

"Eric is my favorite massage therapist EVER. I have been receiving massage therapy for over 20 years, and Eric is the best massage therapist for several important reasons. He provides a high quality, personalized massage therapy experience with professional skill and competence. Eric arrives early to set up the table and create a restful space. He puts furniture coasters under the table legs to keep the rug from being dented, and he is prepared to begin our treatments on time and with his full attention. I keep my weekly appointments with Eric a high priority in my life. I have booked my entire season of appointments to ensure that I keep space on both of our calendars. I recommend Eric with personal appreciation and enthusiasm!"

Service Category: Massage Therapy

Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity 

Paul G. March 2014


I had my first massage with Joseph nearly two weeks ago. The experience was outstanding. Joseph arrived exactly on time, with his "spa in a case" in tow, and was set up and ready to begin the session in under 10 minutes. Extreme care was given to my home, to the point of placing discs under the legs of the massage table to ensure no damage to my carpet. The massage itself was excellent. Joey is intuitive, and caring about the complete person...paying special attention to any particular area of pain or discomfort I described to him. I plan to have massages with Joey again, and again. Consummate professional, and a really nice guy too!!!

Daniel June 2013

“ I have experienced Joey's massage services several times now and each time I am with him I continue to be amazed. His energy is astonishing and I soak it up like a sponge. He has all of the right moves and I find myself in total bliss and sometimes even fall a sleep... which by the way is a compliment!  His nice firm hands and perfect strokes are sure to help you relieve your muscle tension. The special touches are wonderful. From aroma therapy to body wraps it makes me feel like I am in la la land. Joey's warm heart and soul really shine through, his passion, knowledge and unparalleled skill for what he does makes for a complete package of TOTAL relaxation and rejuvenation. Thank you Joey for being so good at what you do! Highly recommend!

ANDRES T. November 2012

“I have been receiving body treatments in the form of massages from Joey Ortiz for more than a year.  His customer service, personality and genuineness is superior, and never lacking.  He is knowledgeable about how the body works, and knows exactly what to say and do to make one feel better real soon.  This year, Joey co-facilitated a workshop with me on managing and reducing stress at a community mental health center, and the response was excellent.

This past year, Eric Miller completed his training and became licensed as a massage therapist.  He has been providing me with massages in my home, and words cannot describe the superb benefits of having a massage in the comforts of your home.  His hands are magic and healing.

If you do nothing else, sign up with Positive Embrace and start caring for yourself in a way that you won’t regret.  Joey and Eric are very professional and qualified in providing a host of body treatments and their spiritual and holistic approach to offering body treatments make these body treatments so extra special.

What are you waiting for, call them today and get started to having a new life.


“Eric was an intuitive therapist and made me feel comfortable from the start. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking a massage therapist in Palm Beach County.”

Tom Pilecki April 2012

What an amazing massage! Joey arrived precisely on time and greeted me warmly with amazing, positive energy. After setting up his table, I laid down and he coached me to breath in the amazing scents that are in his massage lotion. His Deep Tissue massage was perfection! He has amazingly strong hands and worked every muscle using both his hands and forearms, taking note of my trouble spots, asking me about them and providing extra care/work on these areas. Off and on he would ask about my comfort level and my answer was always "perfect". This man is a professional that understands good massage as well as enveloping you in his wonderful, positive and caring energy! Joey is simply the best and I will surely be calling him on a regular basis.

Luke A Wiley, November 2011

I feel that Joey brings incredible knowledge, awareness and curiosity to his massage practice that better enables my own healing.  He is a consummate professional who easily adapts and customizes his abilities and is ever educating and furthering his own learning.  I know that Joey deeply cares for each and every one of his clients and I feel my time with him is sacred, fun, and something I eagerly look forward to. He is a warm, considerate, and selfless individual. Joey Ortiz of Positive Embrace is the only Massage Therapist I will see. 

Ken Crisco Daniel August 2011

"WOW! My massage with Joey ended less than 30 minutes ago and I don't know which is worse...that it's over or that I'm already on Facebook. I am a total and complete massage snob and Joey's bodywork ranks in the top 5 I have ever received. His strokes were strong, fluid, and slow...completely relaxing. I am a big guy, 6ft and 220 lbs, so I do NOT like a wimpy, soft touch. Joey has this soothing, calm demeanor about him, so I was expecting feather touch, but I was thrilled when I got superman touch instead. I don't review people and places often, unless I had a bad experience, but I am excited to be writing this. JOEY ORTIZ IS THE MASSAGE MAN FOR SOUTH FLORIDA."

Anthony Nino Bongiorno August 2011

"Hey Joey Thanks for stopping by the shop on Wednesday. I really need that and as always you do a great job. Your very professional at what you do and I wish you all the luck with your venture. Can't wait till my next visit."

Elenor May 2011

"A friend of mine noticed I was in discomfort from Sciatica.

She recommended that I should get in touch with Joey to receive a massage.

I was amazed with the results of his massage, he has healing hands. I was able to walk free of discomfort after several weeks of being in pain and my range of motion became better. 

Since 5/18  I have had another session with him and look forward to having him to take care of my family members.

I am happy my friend recommend Joey to me. It feels good to scurry around again."

Roy M. May 2011

"I have had several sessions with Joey since April of 2011. I hold a lot of my tension in my neck, shoulders, and along my left leg.  Joey is very attentive in those areas and I always find myself in a meditative state during the massage session. I received relief for weeks after every session I have had with Joey.

He does an excellent job, and took very good care of me. He is a genuinely kind, caring, & giving person."

Addison M. April 2011

"My shoulder actually felt normal for the first time in a long time! I had a great day today thanks to your wonderful spirit in touch! I thank you so much for making me feel better, its been a long time!"

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