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Your massage table is prepared with a table warmer - a heating element to assist with decompression,relief of strain,and to ease soar muscles and joints.


You are embraced with soft sheets of 

Healing colors of Blue (Throat Chakra) & Green (Heart Chakra).


We calm your senses via Aromatherapy -the inhalation of 

organic essential oils of your choice.


To add to your serenity

We have a selection of music to aid in the transcending of your relaxation and healing.

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Deep Tissue Massage 90 Minute $130

Deep tissue is a separate category of massage therapy than "Deep Swedish". Designed to relieve severe tension on localized muscle,connective tissue, and skeletal disorders. A dedicated set of techniques and strokes are used for a measure of relief. The pressure of this session may vary within the intensity throughout the treatment to aid in the restoration of mobility and flexibility.

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